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Youth Soccer

East Bay Sports Livermore

Livermore Youth Soccer

East Bay Sports is excited to announce our start dates for the 2018 Winter I Indoor Session!
  • Leagues are organized for ages U6 to High School
  • Our leagues will have 8 games guaranteed
  • Our leagues will be organized by birth-year and by skill level (Rec, Select, Comp)

  • We hope to see everyone back in for the fun, fast-paced indoor soccer season! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Equipment Requirements

  • No molded cleats! Indoor, rubber turf, or tennis shoes are required.
  • Shin guards are mandatory
  • Teams must wear matching colored shirts
  • Home Team will supply the game ball

East Bay Sports Rulebook

Important Dates

Start: 11/5/2018
End: 1/20/2019
No Games during Thanksgiving Break: 11/19 to 11/25
No Games during Winter Break: 12/21 to 1/3

Schedule Information

Winter I Session – Boys

Birth Year Age Group Play Day
2012 U6 Saturday
2011 U7 Saturday
2010 Rec U8 Saturday
2010 Comp U8 Saturday
2009/2008 Rec U9/U10 Saturday
2009/2008 Select U9/U10 Thursday/Saturday
2009/2008 Comp U9/U10 Thursday
2007/2006 Rec U11/U12 Sunday
2007/2006 Select U11/U12 Monday/Sunday
2007/2006 Comp U11/U12 Monday
2005/2004 Rec U13/U14 Sunday
2005/2004 Select U13/U14 Saturday
2005/2004 Comp U13/U14 Saturday
2003/2002 Rec U15/U16 Friday
2003/2002 Select U15/U16 Friday
2003/2002 Comp U15/U16 Friday
High School Saturday/Friday

Winter I Session – Girls

Birth Year Age Group Play Day
2012 U6 Sunday
2011 U7 Sunday
2010 Rec U8 Sunday
2010 Comp U8 Sunday
2009/2008 Rec U9/U10 Friday
2009/2008 Select U9/U10 Wednesday/Friday
2009/2008 Comp U9/U10 Wednesday
2007/2006 Rec U11/U12 Saturday
2007/2006 Select U11/U12 Wednesday/Saturday
2007/2006 Comp U11/U12 Wednesday
2005/2004 Rec U13/U14 Saturday
2005/2004 Select U13/U14 Thursday/Saturday
2005/2004 Comp U13/U14 Thursday
2003/2002 Rec U15/U16 Tuesday
2003/2002 Select U15/U16 Wednesday/Tuesday
2003/2002 Comp U15/U16 Wednesday
High School Saturday/Friday

Session Details


Full Team Fee $1025
House Team Fee $110
Field Medium
# of Players 7v7 (6 Field + 1 GK)
Game Length Four 10 min quarters (40 min games)
Other Comments No score kept

U7 – U10

Full Team Fee $1025
House Team Fee $110
Field Medium
# of Players 7v7 (6 Field + 1 GK)
Game Length Two 20 min halves (40 min games)

U11 – High School

Full Team Fee $1075
House Team Fee $110
Field Large
# of Players 7v7 (6 Field + 1 GK)
Game Length Two 22 min halves (44 min games)

To Register


Coaches and Team Managers of full teams:

– Create an account or login to your active account HERE. Once logged in, follow the steps after clicking “Registration”. A $100 deposit is needed in order to reserve your team a place in the league.

Individuals registering with a Private Team

– If you are on an existing team, confirm with your coach that the team is registered before going online here┬áto register or calling into the facility. Your coach should be sending you an email invite to register with the team.

Individuals without a Private Team

– If you have a Rec or Rec Plus player but do not have a team to join, register for a House Team here (You will need to login or create a new DASH account and pay the full fee to guarantee your spot).

– If you have a Competitive player wanting to join but do not have a team to join, post an ad on the Classifieds Page here and wait for a call from a coach. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. If your child has a friend on an existing team, we recommend trying to get on a team that way.


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