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San Ramon Lil’ Kickers

Lil’ Kickers a national, non-competitive child development program for boys and girls ages 18 months to 12 years. Your kids will have a blast learning the fundamentals of soccer plus a whole lot more.
Lil’ Kickers classes are 50 minutes long, with a player to coach ratio of 12:1. However, we almost always have a co-coach in each class as well.
Lil’ Kickers instructors use creative, high-energy games to build self-esteem, coordination, and help kids conquer the developmental tasks they face at each age. Lil’ Kickers is continuing to grow at a very rapid pace and we anticipate that there will be an increased demand for our classes this session. As a result, we highly encourage you to sign up and reserve your spot as soon as possible.
Below you will find descriptions of each class we offer. If you are a new customer feel free to come in for a complimentary trial to ensure this program is something you and your family will enjoy. Please email or call 925-831-9050.
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.
Refund Policy: There are no refunds for memberships once purchased. We are able to give full credit for the remaining classes in the session. We cannot give credits for classes that have passed, and there are no cash or credit card refunds.
Summer Session registration open!

Lil’ Kickers Classes


18 – 24 months

Adult participation required Bunnies classes introduce toddlers to soccer with games that allow them to run, play as a group, and get comfortable kicking the ball. They gain basic soccer skills while building fundamentals such as balance and coordination. Classes incorporate activities that are geared toward a toddler’s unique way of learning and include parachutes, bubbles, noodles, cones, and of course, lots of goal-scoring.


2 – 3 years

Adult participation required Parents and kids, led by one of our instructors, play organized games together to develop listening skills, balance, ball skills and foot-eye coordination. Thumpers is the ideal next step for Bunnies veterans or can be the perfect introduction to Lil’ Kickers.


2.5 – 3.5 years

Adult participation required Cottontails is a class designed for children who are ready for more of a challenge than a Thumpers class, but who are not quite ready to be on the field without a parent or caregiver. The Cottontails curriculum is designed to build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball kicking skills. Cottontails classes also offer another necessary component; they will help your child build a sense of independence. As children progress through the session and become prepared for more independence, parents can choose to transition to a less active role in the class.


3 – 4 years

Hoppers classes are well rounded, fun, and fast paced. Classes focus on increasing balancing skills, coordination and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games and help kids develop listening skills, cooperation and teamwork. Hoppers classes are the first class where children participate independently.


3 – 4 years

Jackrabbits classes help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children play creative games to develop fundamental soccer skills and will also be introduced to more one-ball oriented games and scrimmaging. The focus of the scrimmages will be to help players understand how to apply skills in different situations and building teamwork. Some small sided non-competitive soccer games are introduced.

Big Feet

5 – 6 years

Big Feet classes are for players who may not have a lot of soccer experience, or who respond better to a low-pressure environment. Classes build basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring, etc.) and develop a sense of confidence on the field. Players will also learn sportsmanship and team play. Some small-sided, yet non-competitive soccer games, are played to enhance learning and application of skills in game situations.

Micro 4/5

4 – 5 years

Micro 4/5 classes offer an introduction to a more challenging environment where players learn more advanced fundamental soccer skills through fun, age appropriate, and creative skill building games and drills. They will finish most classes with the opportunity to practice those skills in non-competitive scrimmages.

Micro 6/7

6 – 7 years

Micro 6/7 classes are for children six and seven years old with previous soccer experience who are ready to take on the next challenge. Classes balance the use of fun games and technical drills with non-competitive scrimmaging to teach new skills each week. Players will continue to build an understanding of the connection behind the theory and practicality of the game.

Micro 8/9

8 – 9 years

Micro 8/9 classes are for players who have little or moderate experience with soccer. Players will learn a new fundamental soccer skill each week building muscle memory and the dedication required to build and sustain it. Non-competitive scrimmages will offer the players a chance to use those skills and develop the confidence to take on any opportunity in the game. Above all, these classes will prepare your young athletes to take the field in leagues for the rest of their careers!

Skills Institute

5 – 12 years

Skills Institute is a developmental soccer program for boys and girls ages 5-12 years. With a 12:1 player to coach ratio, players will receive plenty of one on one attention as they explore their potential in the target areas of soccer. Classes will be offered in groups by age and skill level. Throughout each session players will be evaluated, experience chalk talks, video analysis, and the occasional homework assignment to practice at home. Players will walk away more confident, equipped for their next right step, and ready for life’s challenges on and off the field.